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About us

TN Training Services was set up by leadership coaching expert Terry Neild, to create holistic business training solutions and leadership programmes with a focus on emotional intelligence, communication and mental well-being.

TN Training services specialise in corporate performance enhancement. Through our team of highly dedicated and experienced professional coaches, we can help anyone reach their professional goals.


Operating now for several years TN Training Services has worked with business of all sizes and varieties, offering tailored programmes to each of our clients to ensure maximum retention of knowledge and success of the training programme.



I have an empathetic yet challenging style of coaching, one that blends listening by asking thought-provoking questions to unlock new thinking within the client."


- Terry Neild

Terry Neild

Director and lead coach

Working for twenty-six years in the Royal Air Force, Terry Neild honed his management and leadership experience at various companies before setting up TN Training Services.


With a proven background in leadership, management, coaching and leadership backed by qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Chartered Management Institute. He is qualified as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Strength Deployment Inventory Facilitator and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner.


Specialising in leadership training, and promoting a coaching style of leadership, Terry Neild has created and facilitated a multitude of successful leadership and team coaching programmes in the UK and across the globe.

Terry strongly believes that personal growth begins with greater self-awareness because only by understanding yourself can you begin to understand others.

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