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Tailored workplace

coaching for any stage

in your career

Tailored workplace coaching in the UK

Workplace coaching to help individuals and teams reach their full potential

Learn the tools needed to develop professionally in the workplace with our tailored coaching solutions and experienced coaches based in the UK. Enable your workplace potential with our one on one mentoring sessions, group training, or team coaching solutions.



Holistic workplace coaching


We believe that our holistic approach to coaching enhances the benefits and ensures that the knowledge is retained for years after (check out our testimonials!)

Additionally, through our holistic approach, we promote a psychologically safe workplace and encourage self-awareness and emotional intelligence which, in turn, promotes improved productivity within teams and individuals.

We are experienced in:

  • Leadership and management training

  • Improving team culture and communication

  • Large group training sessions

  • Mentoring graduates entering the workforce

  • Guiding employees transitioning into new roles

  • Building confidence and developing careers

  • Promoting emotional intelligence

  • Training coaching-style leadership

  • Establishing effective workplace communication

  • Enabling full potential in the workplace

  • Reaching the next stage of your career

  • Refreshing management skills for senior staff

  • Workplace coaching for any type of career

Above all, our programmes are tailored to the exact needs of the individuals and the business.


We can tailor your workplace coaching programme around business goals, professional goals, specific development areas or missing skills. Our tailored solutions promote better retention of knowledge which enhances workplace development.

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One on one coaching
Group and team training


Terry lead my two-week induction at the beginning of my graduate programme for Atos. I'm sure this kind of business material can be quite dull to sit through but you know it's not going to be when you walk into the first day to loud dance music!


From the off, Terry captured the attention of the room and his open friendly nature really allowed us to explore ourselves as individuals despite us all being strangers at on the first Monday.



Matthew Walker,

Lean consultant

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