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Confidently reach goals, improve communication, and further your potential with tailored in-depth and holistic workplace and business coaching.

Changing perception,

enabling potential.

Experienced business coaching in the UK

We work with clients in various sectors, at all stages in their careers, coaching individuals and running group and team training sessions all over the UK.

How do we work?


We listen to your requirements, as a business or an individual, and develop a tailored plan of action to enable your success.


Our training is an engaging two-way street, we adapt our teaching to your needs as a student to ensure knowledge retention.


We work with you to take our training and apply it to real-world situations, allowing you to grow through coaching and facilitation


We support you with continuous communication and engagement to build a long-lasting relationship for as long as you require.

For every level of your organisation

From multi-million pound companies through to local SME’s we have experience working in various sectors with clients at many different stages in their careers.


We’ve mentored graduates, worked with clients transitioning into new roles, coached executives all the way up to senior levels of management, and we’ve trained groups of all sizes. Each of our training programmes is tailored to the needs of the individual or the group we are working with, and the business they are a part of.

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Beginning your career

Helping graduates and entry-level associates begin their careers with confidence, by equipping them with the right tools to enable their own success through communication, self-awareness, understanding, and other workplace skills.

Advancing and developing

Whether you are looking for your next challenge or you just need a refresher our training and mentoring programmes can help. From executives to senior levels of management we promote our coaching-style of leadership to help you develop your career, lead with confidence, and get the results you need from your team and your self.

Business Meeting
Clapping Audience

Team section

We can train large groups and coach teams of all sizes on required workplace skills to boost morale, productivity, communication, improve company culture and ensure that teams of any size work together cohesively.

Our testimonials

Terry and TN Training Services have gained a reputation for thorough and tailored coaching that continues to support long after the training sessions have ended.


Imad Khokhar,

Analytics and business intelligence consultant

Terry was an outstanding coach and was instrumental in helping me develop my character and emotional intelligence. His guidance has been ingrained into my mind for a lifetime. Thank you, Terry!



Daniel Smith,

.NET Developer

My first experience of corporate training and what a way to begin my career. Terry was able to tailor the sessions towards those in the group expertly due to his great understanding of those he was working with. Terry's experience in coaching shone throughout the two weeks and I genuinely feel that I have taken away many positive experiences that will last with me for the rest of my career. 


Andrea Burns,

Culture and values development director

Terry is great fun to work with ... A true creative, inspirational and flexible, with no end of resources to ensure that clients are able to take away tools and techniques which are most relevant for their individual needs.



Scot Toomer,

RAF Waddington flight safety officer

Terry's ability to get to the heart of a problem and to build rapport with those concerned was amazing. Using coaching, empathy and good old common sense he was able to get the best from all those who were lucky enough to come under his guidance. I would highly recommend him in all his endeavours.



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